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Jumbo U10 Scallops

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Jumbo U10 Scallops
Jumbo U10 Scallops

Jumbo U10 Scallops


1 lb


$50/ LB (1 LB package, 8-10 scallops per LB)


Please note that all seafood items are for home delivery only. If you wish to pick up seafood at St. Lawrence Market, please visit one of the seafood vendors.


Origin: Boston, Massachusetts


Fish Facts: While a vast majority of bivalves are typically slow moving and infaunal (aquatic animals that live in substrate), the Sea Scallop is the exception to the rule. Equipped with a large adductor muscle in the center of the shell, this bivalve can swim with bursts of speed to escape predators. This is achieved by opening and closing their valves rapidly, sucking and pushing water to generate movement. Our all-natural scallops are harvested and processed without the use of any additives or sodium tripolyphosphate. 


Taste/Cooking: The large adductor muscle is referred to as the ‘scallop’ while the surrounding roe is referred to as the coral, both are safe to consume. The flavor of scallops is often described as sweet and slightly savory while the texture is not as firm when compared to clams and mussels, very tender and slightly fibrous.


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