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Raw Duck Breast

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Raw Duck Breast
Raw Duck Breast

Raw Duck Breast


1 ea


$14 / Package (1 Breast per package, 12oz Average weight) 


Pro Tip: Score the skin and start your duck breast skin side down in a cold pan then heat over medium. This allows the fat to render out, providing a natural fat to cook the breast in and crisp up the skin. 


Good food is clean food; “clean” of additives and unnatural elements that affect the integrity of taste and nutrition. Our clean label: No hormones or growth stimulants. No food colouring or additives, phosphate free and gluten free. These Ducks are raised free run in large spacious barns with plenty of fresh air ventilation, unlimited water and natural feed. Many barns are bedded down with recycled fresh wood shavings daily and others are washed out for maximum sanitary conditions.


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